What to Wear to California Club Events

It’s probably happened to you.  You came to an event dressed casually only to find everyone else was formal.  Or vice versa.  This note is to help keep you from being embarrassed at California Club.

We have a long tradition that our dinner dances are “dressy.” But what does that mean? Our publicity will indicate the appropriate attire: “Cocktail, formal, casual or theme.”  Here’s what you can expect to see for each one.

Cocktail (Most Common)

Men:  Most men will wear dress slacks and a sports jacket.  A dress shirt can be white or pastel, and ties are optional. Dress shoes and socks that coordinate well with the outfit complete the look. 

Women: Most women will wear Cocktail/Dressy dresses of any length.  Some will wear dressy slacks.

Formal (2 events per year)

Men:  This is an opportunity to wear your tux, if you have one.  If not, a dark suit, preferably black, is fine.  Most will wear white dress shirts with ties.  Black dress shoes and socks complete the look.

Women: Most women will wear ball gowns, long skirts, or cocktail dresses.

Casual: (2 events per year)

Men:  Most will wear dress slacks, and a “dressy” casual shirt with collar.  No jacket is necessary.

Women:  Most women will wear casual dresses, skirts, or pants.


For themed events you are invited to dress according to the theme. 

The California Club prefers no shorts, jeans, t-shirts, gym shoes, or flip-flops at our events