Bylaws of the California Club Adopted 07.10.2020

The name of this organization is the California Club of Laguna Woods
a. The mission of the California Club is to further the enjoyment of life
in Laguna Woods Village by uniting members in friendly social and
recreational activities as a not-for-profit, voluntary social club.
Section 1: Eligible Members
Membership is open to all Laguna Woods Village residents and a maximum
10% of former residents who continue paying their membership dues
Section 1: Dues
a. Dues for all members shall be determined by the General Board.
b. Members who are delinquent in dues by March 1st will not have their
on the printed roster.
c. In the event of the dissolution of the Club, all monies and assets shall
be distributed to charitable organizations as designated by the
General Board.
Section 2: Assessments
a. Admission charge of guests shall be determined by the General Board
for any meeting or event.
b. The fiscal year shall be from January 1st through December 31st

Section 1: Executive Board Positions
Vice-President Entertainment
Section 2: Executive Board Operations
a. Any Executive Board member may be removed by a majority vote of
the Executive Board. The Junior Board member in that position then
becomes a member of the Executive Board.
b. If prudent, additional Executive Board members may be added to the
Executive Board at that board’s discretion. The terms of the new
Executive Board members would coincide with the existing General
Board. Any proposed additions to the Executive Board need the
approval of a majority of the General Board.
c. Each Executive Board position will have 1 vote. However, the
president will not
have a vote except in the case of a tie.
d. Any Executive Board member who is absent, without valid reason, for
successive Board meetings and/or 5 overall Executive Board
meetings during
a year without valid excuses may be replaced by the Executive
e. Any Executive Board member unable to serve a full term may be
replaced by a
successor appointed by the Executive Board, with the approval of the
Board, for the balance of the term.
c. 50% plus 1 of the Executive Board constitutes a quorum.
d. Special meetings of the Executive Board may be called by the
president when deemed necessary.
e. The term of an executive board member is January 1 through
December 31.

Section 3: Purpose of the Executive Board
a. Management of the California Club not specifically delegated to the
General Board.
b. Resolve any issues not solved at the General Board.
c. Make necessary decisions in case of unforeseen circumstances.
Section 1: The General Board is composed of all the Senior and Junior
officers of the club.

Section 2: General Board Operations
a. Each position will have only 1 vote, except for the president. In case
of a tie vote, the e will cast the deciding vote.
b. The term of a General Senior Board member is one (1) year. The
term of a General Junior Board member is one (1) year.
c.The Junior Board officers will automatically move on to the Senior
status assuming the responsibilities of their offices as of January 1.
d. General Board members may be replaced by the General Board if
they are absent from three consecutive General Board meetings
without valid excuses and/or five overall General Board meetings
during the year without valid excuses.
e. A quorum shall be 50% plus 1 of General Board members.
Section 3: Purposes of the General Board:
a. Duties of the General Board are the day-to-day operations of the
California Club.
b. The chairperson(s) of each committee shall keep the General Board
informed of the progress during the planning stages of an event and
report to the Board after the event
c.Any event which is being held in a venue not customarily used for
meetings or programs shall be approved by the General Board
before the event is acted upon.
d. The chairperson(s) shall create an operations manual so that future
chair people have a guideline of how to operate said committee.

a. There shall be two sets of Officers, Seniors and Juniors.
b. The Seniors shall be the primary operating group.
c. The Juniors shall be the supporting officers for each category.
d. In the event a senior board member is unable to fill his/her term of
office, the junior officer will be move to the senior status and serve the
unexpired term. If that term is less than six months, then the new
senior officer will retain that position the following calendar year. The
General Board can extend that time with a majority vote.
e. If a Junior officer replaces a senior officer as per “d” above, the
replacement for
the junior officer will be filled by a simple majority vote of the General
Board from names suggested by that board. Each person so elected
shall complete the unexpired term.
f. The Junior officer shall assist their senior counterparts and learn the
duties of that office, so they can act in that capacity when necessary.
g. The elected officers shall serve a term of two years, first as a junior
officer, then as a senior officer.
h. The junior officers shall, at the end of their terms, automatically be
installed as the seniors of their respective offices. The new junior
officers shall be voted on by the General Board at its October meeting.
ARTICLE VIII: Duties of the Board Officers
Section 1: President
a. President to preside at all Executive and General Board meetings
b. Promote harmony and good will of the club.
c. Assure the activities of the Club are carried out in the best interest of
the Club.
d. Create and provide the agenda to the Boards a week prior to the
e. President (or designee) shall have the authority to sign all legal
f. President (or designee) shall represent the Club at the Laguna
Woods Village Presidents’ Council.
g. In the absence of the Treasurer, the President shall be empowered to
sign checks.

h. President (or designee) is empowered to appoint new permanent or
temporary committees as the occasion(s) may require.
i. President (or designee) shall have the authority to expend, in the
interest of the California Club and without approval of the
membership, a sum not to exceed $1,000.00 for any valid club
Section 2: Vice President of Entertainment
a. Procure, organize, and present entertainment at the general meeting
within the approved budget.
b. All programs will be subject to contracts between the Club and
entertainment provider.
c. Present checks to dance band and entertainer for the meeting.
d. Advise clubhouse supervisor of stage requirements, microphones,
risers, sound technician requirements and any other special effects.
e. Work with Junior Officer to prepare for the following calendar year.
Section 3: Secretary
a. Keep the minutes of the Boards and special meetings of the
b. Provide copies of said minutes to each respective board member via
email prior to the next Board meeting. Any minutes of the Executive
Board will also be sent to the General Board prior to its meeting.
c. Keep attendance of Executive Board and General Board members.
d. Notify board members prior to each meeting as a reminder.
Section 4: Treasurer
a. Be custodian of all the monies received by the California Club.
b. Keep a true and full account of all deposits, withdrawals, and
c. All funds shall be deposited in a banking institution in the Laguna
Woods area.
d. Present a summarized report of the club’s financial condition at each
General Board meeting.
e. Responsible for any IRS tax filings.
f. Initiate and sign checks to pay all approved bills. Receipts are
required for expenditures.

g. Keep a complete “audit trail” of all financial transactions for the
duration of your term.
h. At the onset of each year, obtain signatures for new bank signature
cards for Senior Treasurer, Junior Treasurer and President.
Section 5: Membership Chairperson
a. Shall maintain current membership records
b. Provide a monthly report to the General Board of the membership
c. Prepare the annual roster and arrange for its printing and
d. Submit all checks and cash received for membership to the
e. Keep an excel spreadsheet showing receipts.
f. Provide an updated membership roster to the Publicity Chair for
use in sending emails etc.
Section 6: Hospitality Chairperson
a. Select and assign members to serve as hosts and hostesses for
each general meeting. Greeters should be at the doors from 5:15-
6:15 pm.
b. Greet guests as they arrive.
c. Assist guests in finding their table if necessary.
d. Instruct hosts and hostesses on general guidelines for handling
problems as they surface.
e. Take any action needed, during the general meeting, concerning
any problems that arise. Advise the appropriate board member
(i.e. reservations) if needed. Notify facility manager and/or security
if needed. In case of medical emergency call 911.
Section 7: Reservation Chairperson
a. Receive payments for dinner reservations.
b. Assign tables as per General Board guidelines.
c. Reservations must be received no later than six days prior to the
dinner/dance. Return all payments that arrive after that.
d. Inform the caterer of the number of reservations and the count for
each entrée five days prior to the event.

e. Make no refunds for cancellations that arrive after the caterer has
been given the count as the club must pay for those dinners.
f. Prepare a seating chart showing the locations of tables and the
number at each table. Present this chart to the Clubhouse #5
office the day before the event.
g. After the clubhouse workers have set up the tables, check that the
table and chair count match your chart.
h. Prepare a large list of the attendees and their table numbers to be
placed on an easel so that arriving members can find their table
i. Submit all funds to the Treasurer, reporting total amounts from
members and non-members separately.
Section 8: Publicity Chairperson:
a. Consult with first Vice President of Programs, Dinner Chairperson,
and Decoration Chairperson regarding the themes of the events
and whether formal, cocktail, or casual attire.
b. Prepare a flyer for each event for distribution to the bins located at
the clubhouses about 30 days prior to the event. Sample flyer
must be approved and & digitally stamped by the recreation
department, then printed or have printed by the Publicity team. The
recreation department will distribute the initial flyers to the bins and
the Publicity Team will monitor the bins for needed future refills.
c. Prepare and send out emails to members with email addresses to
each event using the roster provided by Membership Chairperson.
d. Prepare and submit publicity to the Laguna Woods Globe.
e. Schedule Channel 6 interviews. Arrange for those to be
Provide the interviewer with any flyers, posters etc. that are
f. Keep the website up to date or assign the duty to webmaster.
Section 9: Dinner Chairperson:
a. Submit a recommendation to the General Board for the caterer(s)
for the calendar year.
b. Plan the monthly menus with the caterer(s).
c. Pay the caterer with a check received from the Treasurer and
provide the Treasurer with a receipt.
d. Arrange for the Laguna Woods Village Recreation Department to

e. Consult with the Vice President of Programs, the Publicity
Chairperson, and the Decorations Chairperson as to the dinner’s
themes, and if formal, cocktail, or casual attire.
f. Provide the Publicity Chairperson with a list of menus for all events
in the fiscal year before the beginning of the year to allow for
Section 10: Decorations Chairperson:
a. Consult with the First Vice President of Programs, the Dinner
Chairperson, and the Publicity Chairperson as to the theme for
each dance, and whether formal, cocktail, or Casual attire.
b. Procure and arrange decorations within approved budget funds.
c. Arrange for storage of decorations and disposal of any outdated
or damaged decorations
Section 1:
a. The president will appoint a chairperson of the nomination
committee. The chairperson will then select four others to fill the
committee. The committee will consist of two board members in
addition to the chairperson plus two members of his/her choosing
who are members at large of the California Club
b. The nominating committee shall select a candidate for each
junior officer and any vacant senior officer
c. At the October meeting of the General Board, the nominating
committee will present its slate to the Board for approval.
d. The president will hold General Board elections at that October
board meeting.

Section 1:
a. The elected Officers and General Board Members will assume
office on January 1st
b. The elected Officers and General Board members will be
presented to the members at large at the January dinner event if
possible. If not possible then the board will be presented at the
next dinner meeting that is held.
Section 1:
a. Notice of a proposed amendment to the By-Laws must be
presented to the General Board members at a Board meeting.
The amendment will be read, and a vote taken.
b. This proposed amendment must be approved with a 2/3
majority vote of the General Board with quorum.
c. Upon approval, changes or revisions of the existing bylaws shall
immediately cancel and supersede any previous bylaws.
Section 1:
Regular monthly meetings of the California Club General Board will be held
at a date, place, and time determined by the General Board.
Section 2:
Executive Board meetings will be held as needed.
Section 3:
Special Board meetings may be called by the President.

The latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, revised, shall be the authority
governing the proceedings of the Boards and general membership, except
when in conflict with the rules and requirements of Laguna Woods Village
authorities and the items covered by these By-Laws.
These revised By-Laws supersede all prior By-Laws and are hereby
approved by the General Board on July 10, 2020.